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client spotlight – lily

Meet Lily. She’s 13 and so cool. Her aunt gifted her with a closet session with me and boy did we have fun! Lily recently outgrew a lot of her digs but even after getting rid of a huge pile of clothes, we were left with some gems. I got to style her in all sorts of fun outfits…I mean look at that vintage U2 shirt and the freaking lace veiled hat! What I loved about my session with Lily was how fearless she was. Totally into fashion, daring and open. I had no where near the confidence and creativity she has, when I was that age. I would never wear anything out of the ordinary for fear I would be made fun of. Not Lily! She wants to be original (and is!). I think she’s an inspiration, not only to girls her age, but to all of us. What if we wore what made us feel great instead of what we think we should wear? What if we played in our closets and had FUN instead of harping on dated rules and guidelines? What if we were confident and didn’t let what other people might think affect our originality? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?