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more elsa

Elsa Hosk has popped up a bunch on this blog. I used to work with her a ton when I was styling for Aerie and now I just love to see when pops up in an ad or editorial. She’s stunning and sweet and takes a damn good picture. Duh, she’s a model. Check her out in the latest by photographer Guy Aroch. Love. (Except the smoking part, stop smoking Elsa!) 
Photos via Oracle Fox 

  • jbcggomes

    Wow, she photographs really beautifully and I love the vibe of this shoot!

  • Ggihsgohw

    Are anti-smoking in general or just for pics? I ask because some models (Kate Moss for one) has done some ‘fashion smoking’ (if you’ll excuse the smoking/hot pun) with a lit ciggie.

    • i guess both. but i’m not one to tell people what to do with their bodies. elsa and all models make smoking look so damn sexy and that’s not a good thing. at the same time, she’s a model and that’s her job. when i was younger i had a “smoking stage” in my life too…i’m so glad it’s over…i’m much healthier because of it.