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summer essentials

Summer is creeping up fast, and with that, comes Summer fashion. Color and pattern continues to be on trend through Spring straight into the hotter months. So with each of these essentials, don’t be afraid to be bold and go for it! Color, pattern, color, pattern…Hooray! Shopping tips below. 
ONE PIECE SWIMWEAR – This is a trend I’m super on board with. One piece swimsuits are so classy, chic and scream “old Hollywood glamour.” Plus, they work well with every body type. Also, I have a thing about belly buttons…I don’t like them. I know, it’s weird. Shopping tip: If you don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a new suit, check out your local Forever 21 and/or H&M, they have a lot in store but not much online.

BRIGHT COSMETICS – Pastels, neons and brights are not just for the clothes on your body but also for your fingernails and face. Get funky with nail art, try on some neon eyeliner and brighten up your lipsShopping tip: They sell Essie at CVS now! If live near a CVS, check it out. They sell for $8, which is way cheaper than a manicure and you’ll have the polish for touch ups!

  • 4. Bobbi Brown lip gloss $23
  • 5. NARS lipstick (in Heat Wave) $24
  • 6. Essie nail polish $17 (for 4 piece set!)

FUN FLATS – A great alternative to sandals and flip flops this Summer are fun flats. These are especially great for those who work in chilly, air-conditioned offices. They are perfect for brightening up a neutral sundress or a basic jeans and t-shirt look. Shopping tip: Invest some coin in a pair of insoles. They’re great for absorbing feet sweat in hotter temps (gross, I know) and they’ll cushion every step you take.

PLAYFUL SHORTS – Who wears short shorts? Well, the good news is…you don’t have to, if you don’t want to because this Summer it’s more about color, pattern and high-waisted than short shorts. If you’re going with a bold color or pattern, keep your top neutral and stick to whites, grey, navy etc. Shopping tip: Scour your local thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army) for vintage jean cut-offs that will cost you peanuts.