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busy day

Today was one of those days where I had way too much to do. I had to wash and blow out my own hair (hence the fro-like texture, I usually go to my Dominican hairstylist), then run to an audition in West LA (the reason I needed to blow out my hair), then run back home to eat, and for a shoot (pictured below), and to walk my dog. Then emails, then back to the West Side for a friend’s screening party, then back to Hollywood for another friend’s show! I somehow got it all done, but now it’s after midnight and I’m exhausted and still posting this rather than going to bed…why?! Because I love being busy and sometimes when I have crazy days like today my body and mind just can’t stop. But it’s not good, my friend, not good! I’m usually pretty great at scheduling my day to avoid such madness but today I was overbooked. Luckily tomorrow there is only one thing on the schedule. Happy Friday! Ok, I’m going to bed!

In this look: American Apparel bodysuit, Madewell jeans, Vintage Cowboy boots, Melody Ehsani watch ring and my 8th grade confirmation gift, a “Grasie” ring from my Titi.

Photos by Sylvia G Photography