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life unexpected

Here I am with my pooch Hayden. I’ve mentioned him on here before but something happened yesterday that rocked my world and made me realize how truly special Hayden is and how lucky I am to have him. Warning: This is a sad story…Yesterday, a stroll for coffee turned into a dramatic, heart-wrenching afternoon. My friend Michele and I walked from her place to Starbucks and on the way back, rescued a small stray Chihuahua from being hit by an SUV. After about 30 minutes of chasing this little angel, and with the help of good samaritans in the area, we were able to get her into a carrying case and bring her to a vet who specializes in rescues. This precious baby was clearly not well; she was emaciated, could barely open her eyes and had a pot belly that seemed to suggest she was pregnant. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Once at the vet, we found out that our little angel, with no tags or a chip, was suffering from an extremely enlarged liver that was pushing against all her tiny organs and causing her immense pain. There was nothing that could be done. Though we were ensured by the doctor, the nurses, friends and family that putting her down was the best option, we couldn’t help but feel absolutely terrible. Helpless. Hurt. Sad. Yes, her pain would be over and she would leave this world peacefully but the reality was she would be no longer. Ugh. I’m crying now as I write this and I feel a bit ridiculous. I only knew her for about two hours but she clearly touched my heart. I came home after this unfortunate afternoon and kissed my Hayden and our cats over and over. I encourage you to do the same. Hug your pet extra long today. Some may think this is silly and say “It’s just a dog” but bottom line, it’s a life. A special little being that brought some happiness into this world. Hayden is such a unique little guy that brings me happiness beyond belief. I can’t bare to think of a day without him. This was supposed to be just another outfit post shot a day before this whole experience, but an unexpected life occurrence changed that a bit. I hope it didn’t get you down too much, but instead made you think about all the special living beings in your life. Whether 2 legged, 4 legged or finned, let them know, they are loved.

In this look: Graham & Spencer dress, Vintage belt, Urban Outfitters BDG button-down shirt, Dolce Vita sandals & Getty Center gift shop shades

Photos by Sylvia G Photography 

  • Daisy

    love your dress!! you look lovely!! (:

  • Michelemorrow

    crying again now. ahhhh poor little baby.  i loved the last line of this post.
    going to get Azrael and sleep xo

    • awww. love you girl!