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nice kitty

First off, can we all agree that having a t-shirt with a tiger on it, is a must-have for your wardrobe? Yes? Great! Second, let me tell you about this skirt…it comes from the incredibly talented Heidi Merrick and it’s my new, favorite staple. I first shared Ms. Merrick with you here and then just last week went to her sample sale where I got to meet the lovely designer in person! She was as cool as her clothes are chic. (Side note fun fact: after connecting on Facebook and seeing the mutual friends we had, we discovered that we both worked at MTV in NY around the same time!!! WTF? And the world get’s smaller!) Lastly, I’m apparently developing an addiction for yellow shoes.

In this look: Urban Outfitters t-shirt, Heidi Merrick skirt, American Eagle belt, Movado watch and Shoemint pumps c/o 

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Amelia Alvarez

    We shot this yesterday too. I would say yours is a downtown look and mine is uptown. When I post the full look on Monday we should do one of those fancy split screen instagrams that you are keen on. LOL.

  • Nishat

    Grasie – YES! I’ve been shopping from Heidi for years (from the Bay) and only recently did a studio visit, which was great fun. I appreciate that many of her clothes that might be “off-duty” items in more formal sartorial culture can work as office wear for the West Coast. They’ve got that tailored-but-whimsical aspect that I love. And Heidi’s awesome.  

    • very cool and i couldn’t agree more! xo

  • Cassandra

    The shirt is really cute! 😀 This is such a chic outfit overall!

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    • thank you! thanks for commenting! xo

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