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old cars, boy boots & spanish

Yesterday was hot. Real hot. LA has been too hot lately and quite frankly I’m over it. Not complaining though (yes I am) because I know Summer will be over soon and before you know it I’ll be complaining about cold temps (not really, I live in LA!). Okay, let’s talk outfit…I wanted to stay cool but have a little edge, so I threw on my faux snake skin booties to “boy up” my very “girly” outfit. It was fun. Today, I’m auditioning for a pretty great role on a new show. I’m very excited and also scared poopless! Why? Because part of my lines (luckily, a small part) are in SPANISH! And though I am Dominican, which is what they are looking for, my Spanish is rusty so please, PLEASE pray for me wish me luck! Update: The audition went fantastic! Thanks for the love. There were also 20 other girls there for the same role (oh, this business) but fingers crossed! xo

In this look: American Apparel bodysuit, Club Monaco skirt, American Eagle belt, Top Shop boots & Ray Ban aviators

Photos by Sylvia G Photography


  • Dtorres212

    I love the outfit!!! Great pics! Prayers on their way. Most of the casting people don’t speak Spanish or at least it’s not their first language so don’t worry, they won’t know if it’s perfect Spanish or not.

  • Hagfiag

    Gorgeous, gorgeous and gOrGeOuS!  Really.  Very lovely ensemble.

  • thank you! the audition went great! fingers crossed! 

  • Love the boots!!! But I can’t find them on (I live in Spain, so maybe they don’t have the same products). But it’s a need now so I will continue chasing them :-))

    Good luck with the role, and congrats on your blog, I’ve just started to follow you and I love it!

    • hi gloria! yeah, they are from last season. BUT top shop always has great shoes and they are constantly added new stuff. reading from spain?! that’s awesome. i lived in madrid for 4 months in college and traveled all over the country…i LOVE spain! xo

      • Yeah, I’m reading you  from Madrid indeed! I reached you via Hellogiggles 😉 Love your style so I will keep doing it!

        • fantastic! and thanks again! xo

    • oh and THANK YOU! re: role and blog! 

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