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the grasie guide : museum of ice cream

museum of ice cream - STYLE ME GRASIE

museum of ice cream - STYLE ME GRASIE

The “Ice Cream Hotline” Room

California Room: Celebrity name puns, based on ice cream treats!

The Mint Room

Green Mint Chip Mochi Ice Cream

The “Gummy Bear” Room

museum of ice cream - STYLE ME GRASIE

“Giant Popsicles” Installation by Artist Keith Magruder (aka Baker’s Son)

The Rainbow Sherbet Room

White Hall: Sundae Shoes by Artist Rhonda Alan

Black Cone Installation by Artist Abel Bentin

Sprinkle Pool – You can dive in!

The “Scream for Breakfast” Section

Museum of Ice Cream Gift Shop

museum of ice cream - STYLE ME GRASIE

The Museum of Ice Cream has landed in the heart of DTLA and it is literally the coolest place to be at (pun fully intended).

The highly-instagrammable and super interactive museum made its mark in New York last summer and now is here in LA’s Arts District. Started up by artist Maryellis Bunn, this museum is undoubtedly your inner kid’s dream come true; like an ice cream Willy Wonka factory that’s come to life!

There’s about 10 interactive rooms where you can discover installations and see unique interpretations of what ice cream is to the different artists featured. You can dive into a sprinkle pool that’s filled with 100 million sprinkles, get free ice cream and edible treats throughout the whole exhibit, run through colorful bananas, and much more. It’s so much fun!!!

The exhibit sold out for May but tickets for June go on sale TODAY, so make sure to check it out before it’s too late!

2018 E 7TH PLACE
OPEN MON, WED – SUN (11 AM – 10 PM)


Photography by Sylvia G