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the grasie guide : the now silverlake

The Now Silverlake - STYLE ME GRASIEThe Now Silverlake - STYLE ME GRASIEThe Now Silverlake - STYLE ME GRASIEThe Now Silverlake - STYLE ME GRASIE

The Now is a massage boutique that just opened up a new location in Silverlake (so close to me!). They also have locations by The Grove and in Santa Monica. It’s a gorgeous space that’s über relaxing! You can choose from eight different massages, along with a variety of enhancements, such as: aromatherapy, detoxifying treatment, eye masks, crystal healing and much more. You can also get seated massages and arrange for group sessions.

During my most recent trip, I got the signature “Now” massage for 50 minutes; along with the add-on of crystal healing and it was heavenly. My therapist made sure the pressure was to my liking and that I was comfortable the whole time. Every little section of The Now is beautiful and the decor is perfect. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, maybe the best part is how affordable it is, with services ranging from $35-90! It’s the spa experience without the exclusivity and expensive price tag. The Now is definitely Grasie approved!

OPEN  10 AM to 10 PM TUES – SUN

Photography by Sylvia G

  • The space itself is incredibly relaxing, so I can only imagine what the actual services would be like!