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austin photo diary – night fun

You may notice the selection of night fun photos is significantly smaller than the selection of day fun photos…well, let’s just say these are the night fun photos that are “blog post friendly.” YAY AUSTIN! 
Mike (2nd from the left) was so proud of making his face look like this. 
After a great show and too many cocktails.

Yummy, late night tacos make me do weird things. 
This is Hogan, Damien was ready to steal him.

Sunset at the bridge waiting for bats that never came.

Thank you Austin, it was a blast! The end.

  • cute dress! Looked like you had a lot of fun!

    • thanks and YES! yes i did 🙂

  • jbcggomes

    Looks like someone’s been having a loooot of fun 🙂 Hogan is so sweet!

    xo Joana

    • lol yup! hogan was the sweetest!

  • Hworst07

    so this is an odd questions…is your Friend Damien from around Corpus Christi, Texas or maybe lived in Boston? He looks freakishly familiar and I can’t seem to place where I’ve maybe met him before.

    • he replaced carson daly on trl on mtv and was there as a vj for 6 years. is that it? he’s also a tv host and radio dj.