honeymoon in africa (part II)

    International, TRAVEL • February 2, 2015

    We headed out on a guided town tour, where we encountered a whole different kind of R&R…


    After a couple of days of R&R at the White Pearl, Damien and I were ready to get to know Mozambique a little better. We headed out on a guided town tour, where we encountered a whole different kind of R&R (more on that later). We visited the towns of Ponta Mamoli, Ponta Malongane and Ponta de Ouro, checking out the local markets and craft shops and meeting new friends.

    Africa-026 Africa-036 Africa-033

    These wooden fish were hand carved by locals on the spot. I love the detail of the scales and fins. It was so cool to see them created right before our eyes.

    Africa-025 Africa-030

    At the market, homemade hot sauce was for sale, mostly jarred in liquor bottles. What an excellent way to recycle. We tried the hot sauce, it was delicious and so so spicy!

    Africa-031 Africa-032

    It was at Fernando’s bar where we met a new kind of R&R. R&R stands for rum and raspberry (soda) and is the official drink of Mozambique. It is also the kiss of death. By far, the strongest cocktail I’ve ever had, but when in Rome, right? Damien had the iced version and I went for the frozen kind; both tasted like someone put a bottle of rum and cough syrup on ice. We were all smiles before we knew what we were getting ourselves into (tourists much? ha!). Then after a few sips, it started to taste quite delicious, as alcohol is known to do. Luckily, we had our fabulous guides from White Pearl who warned us not to finish the entire drink. We got about 1/3 the way down before we called it quits. Our afternoon was super mellow after that.

    IMG_0263 Africa-029 Africa-034

    At the market, I purchased some printed pants for friends and wooden utensils and plates for my mom and in-laws. Then it was back to White Pearl for a very long, R&R induced nap. We woke up just before dinner and we’re delighted to hear that local children would be performing a traditional African dance for us by the fire. It was the perfect way to end a lovely day.


    Photography by Yours Truly // Photo Editing by Sylvia G
    Travel Arranged by World Odyssey

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