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honeymoon in africa (part III)


Our last couple of days at White Pearl were dedicated to all the fantastic activities available on the property. Besides lounging and tea time, we went horse back riding, played beach volleyball, went sunset boogie boarding and did an ocean safari where we swam with dolphins! Indeed, World Odyssey had chosen the perfect locale for two crazy kids who get easily bored.


Horse back riding was a dream. I mean, look at this place! I got so hooked that I went again the next day, while Damien lounged by the pool. This time around we rode in the bush behind the hotel. While our beach ride was more tranquil and scenic, our bush ride was all about adventure! I got to gallop at full speed in an iconic African bush! Like I said…a dream.


The ocean safari was next on the list. Together with 7 other guests and 2 guides, we all hopped into an inflatable, motorized boat and headed into the middle of the ocean. Equipped with snorkeling gear, we had one objective : to swim with dolphins. And guess what my friends? We did just that! Might I mention, that though I’m a lover of the ocean, I’m also terrified of sharks. Yeah, sure, most people are probably afraid of sharks, but I have an unreasonable phobia that keeps me from entering shark tanks at an aquarium or allowing my husband to watch “Shark Week” if I’m around. So, being in the middle of the ocean and snorkeling with dolphins swimming under my feet, was a pretty epic accomplishment on my part. It was also a beautiful, life-changing experience.


When we returned from our ocean safari, it was time for a late breakfast. As we headed to the dining area of the resort, we were stopped by Imelda (our personal waitress all week, did I mention we had a personal waitress?!) who redirected us, to our lovely surprise breakfast on the beach. I mean, how freaking sweet?! I’m pretty sure we can mark that as the most romantic meal of our lives.


The White Pearl in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique was the most perfect place to spend the first half of our honeymoon. Damien and I were genuinely sad to leave, but we knew more fun adventures awaited in South Africa. And as we said our farewells to Amos, Fernando, Aboo and the entire staff, we never said “goodbye” but instead “see you next time!”

Africa-070Photography by Yours Truly // Photo Editing by Sylvia G
Travel Arranged by World Odyssey

  • Tracy

    What an amazing place, love Mozambique! Enjoy!

    • Thank you! It really is so so beautiful there!

  • The slow pace

    How sweet is that breakfast? I’m really enjoying your posts about your honeymoon. And by the way, that cover up dress is beautiful!!!

    • Thank you!!! More posts to come 🙂

  • Shoshana

    Wow, love the pictures. So beautiful. Looks so peaceful there. The table for two on the beach is devine. Thanks for giving us a peek.
    instagram – koshercoco

    • Thank you! And yeah it was so amazing. They really did it up! xo

  • Korsha

    Lovely pics!

  • Gorgeous views. Love the tunic too.

    • Thank you! It felt perfect for the location. xo

  • Megan // F Yeah!

    Ugh, these pictures are giving me major wanderlust. Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend so I can daydream about Mozambique for the next 48 hours.
    Megan //

    • lol i’m sorry! have a great weekend! xo