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honeymoon in africa (part VI)


On our last day at Thanda we were picked up by our transfer driver, arranged by World Odyssey, who drove us south through Durban, to the glorious Karkloof Safari Spa. Located about 30 minutes outside of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Karkloof is a very open and tranquil setting, which was just perfect for winding down at the end of our trip. Once again, we were afforded a gorgeous room with a stunning view.


The lodge was rustic and warm and the dining areas were divine. The best part about Karkloof was its “Do what you want, when you want!” policy. Meaning you can have breakfast at any hour and spa treatments whenever you like. Speaking of the spa, I take back my last statement, the SPA was the best part of Karkloof! Unlimited spa treatments provided at any time of the day by highly skilled masseuses from Thailand. Umm, yeah.


Also, the food was delicious. They specialize in organic, yummy dishes that cater to specialty diets as well. So, whether you’re a vegan, gluten-free or even on a raw diet, there’s something for you.  You can even go on a detox while you’re there, or you can eat bacon every morning and ask for a double-cheese burger for lunch. I kid you not, they are that accommodating.


In between meals and spa treatments, Damien and I also went on game drives on the property and hiked to a gorgeous waterfall.


It was on our first game drive where we met the infamous black rhino! This guy was quite the character and gave us a little bit of a scare when he decided to start charging our jeep. Turns out, there isn’t a female black rhino on the property so buddy gets a little cranky at certain times of the month (like rhino PMS hehe). But, our guide Makoni had it all under control and we took off. It was super exciting to feel for a split second that Mr. Rhino might get us, when really he didn’t even come close. Karkloof has plans to place him on another reserve with female rhinos that he can mate with, so that he can be happy again.


Giraffe: “You talking to me?!”


After 2 full days of spa treatments (we had 10 a piece!) and some delicious meals and fun activities, Damien and I were refreshed and ready to tackle our 30+ hours of travel back to LA. This was truly a trip of a lifetime and I could not recommend any of the three places we stayed at more. I also cannot recommend a better booking agent than World Odyssey. They were the most perfect choice and took care of every single little detail on our trip. From the moment we landed in Johannesburg until the moment we landed back, we never once had to think. It was incredible. It’s been a week since our return and Damien and I are still high from the experience. White Pearl, Thanda and Karkloof will forever be in our hearts and we can’t wait to visit again someday.

Africa-132Photography by Yours Truly // Photo Editing by Sylvia G
Travel Arranged by World Odyssey