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rhinebeck and hudson are the bees knees

About 14 years ago my family relocated from Manhattan to the town of Rhinebeck in Upstate New York. When people hear New York they automatically picture “the city,” the bright lights and crowded streets of Manhattan. The state of NY gets no love. Well, this post is dedicated to the small towns, shops and cafes of Upstate New York…starting with the town of Rhinebeck.DSC_0036Rhinebeck: Dutchess County, New York. Population: 2,659. Famously known for: The place where Chelsea Clinton got married. DSC_0047Favorite place to eat: Bread Alone – great coffee, yummy breakfast and located in the center of town. DSC_0034DSC_0010DSC_0003Other tasty locales: Gigi’s, Liberty & Localphoto 1Favorite thing to do: Take photos with my baby sis around town. Seriously. Rhinebeck is a quiet town with some cool bars and great food but there is not much else going on in the colder months.  However, if you visit in the Summer, there are farmers markets, car shows, antique shows and the ever famous Dutchess County FairDSC_0073Until then, I’ll jump like a fool in back alleys. DSC_0053There’s plenty of nature to take in…like this beautiful view of the Hudson River and some ducks with neon orange feet. photo 3There are also lots of cows and horses and other animals people with farms have in Rhinebeck. So there’s that. DSC_0004Ever show up to a party wearing the same thing as someone else? So embarrassing! photo 2My baby sister Genna…future style blogger (obviously). DSC_0005DSC_0158DSC_0094My girl Taisa came to visit over the weekend to explore Rhinebeck and Hudson with me. Here she is outside of Upstate Films, a cool indie theatre in the center of town.Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 9.41.09 PMHudson: Colombia County, New York. Population: 6,657. Famously known for being the home of many artist types like famed composer Philip Glass.DSC_0098DSC_0094 2I’m new to Hudson, and though I’ve been here before, it wasn’t until this weekend that I really explored the town. Great cup of Joe: Swallow Coffee! Cool, little cafe with a chill vibe.
DSC_0103photo 5The children in the shop and on the walls were all very well behaved. DSC_0102DSC_0205DSC_0172Yummy place to eat: Le Gamin Country – Crepes to die for and a funky decor to match. It’s a must try if you’re ever in Hudson.  DSC_0191DSC_0193DSC_0197DSC_0201Into old books and rare finds? Then check out Hudson City BooksDSC_0118DSC_0116photo 4And since this is a style blog after all…I left the best for last. SHOPPING!!! Sideshow is an adorable shop with a ton of vintage goodies at reasonable prices. I scored a retro 80’s top and floral dress for $54! (Can’t wait to show them off in an outfit post!).DSC_0169DSC_0131DSC_0133DSC_0125DSC_0139DSC_0143DSC_0124DSC_0146DSC_0149DSC_0155The city will always be THE CITY but don’t sleep on Upstate. If you live in NYC and can take a weekend getaway up the Hudson River…go for it! And if you’re outside New York and coming to town, do the same because like the title says “Rhinebeck & Hudson are the bees knees! (Apparently, I say that now.)”DSC_0185

  • Erin Pettit

    i live right near there and it is so true! You don’t need to go to the city to have a great time there are so many great places around. Thanks for sharing I am def gonna have to check some of these places out soon:)

    • yay! that’s awesome. so glad to hear it. let me know how you like the suggestions. xo

  • I never think of NY past the city. But this post has taught me their is so much more to the Empire State. I’ll have to come check it out sometime!

    • Very cool! Love hearing that! xo

  • Love you!