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Since our wedding just over a month ago, I have been beyond busy! All great things, so I’m not complaining. From auditions to concerts to blogger events and more…it’s been a fantastic Summer! Here’s an Insta-recap.

Audition “club” look // Fleetwood Mac at Staples with the hubs // 4th of July stuffing my face! // Hosting with my girls Amelia & Taye for Benefit Cosmetics // Retro look for Kelly’s Mad Men party // Backstage before our Hello Giggles show at UCB show with Stevie Ryan, Ed Hansen & Marissa A. Ross // First cocktail (Cucumber Margarita) from our new bar book! // Girl Day at the Mondrian // New cut from Umberto + Target Styleinsta-busy - STYLE ME GRASIE Shooting for Levi’s Denizen // The most amazing Bruno Mars concert ever!!! // Blogger buds before the Bruno show // Three Dots preview with Jenny, Sazan & Amelia // With my BFF Natalie after the epic Bruno Mars show // #Damselsail – I was on a boat! // Rachel Pally dinner with my bestie // photo shoot!!! //  American Idol tour with Express insta-busy - STYLE ME GRASIEAll photos via Instagram @grasiemercedes

  • Martha Gabbie

    I love the dress from your New cut from Umberto + Target Style and Rachel Pally dinner with my bestie pictures. They are so pretty. Where can I find them or something similar? I am in love with both.

  • designRoundup

    Girl, keep living the life 😉