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Life has been busy as heck for me lately and I love it. I’m the girl who doesn’t know how to relax so the busier the better. Luckily, with it all of it comes lots of fun times too. Planning a wedding, keeping up SMG, auditioning, shooting, improv, sketch and spending a little qt with my man are all things I love to do, so cheers to loving what you do, right?

Brunch with my boy // Tous clutch & froyo break // Coachella with Amelia // Goodies from Articles of Society // Wedding venue open house with my beau // New hair! // Car wash treat //  Coachella with Amelia & Taye // Wedding Invitations!!!insta-fun - STYLE ME GRASIEThat one time I met Magic Johnson // DIY bridal bouquet flowers // Rebecca Minkoff score at Crossroads Trading // Visit to Heidi Merrick // Lacoste party at Coachella //  Backstage at Top Story! Weekly // Book party for Kelly Oxford // Tastemakers dinner with Catt & Jacey // Hoyka Noodle! insta-fun - STYLE ME GRASIEFollow @grasiemercedes on Instagram to join the online party.