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pretty penny stock

The Pretty Penny Stock event I attended last Thursday was about the prettiest, little thing, I ever did see. Hosted by designer John Moore (aka Juan Mas – that cracks me up!) at his Pop Studio space in Culver City, this intimate party was one for the books. 
The exposed brick and lovely decor complimented the nautical themed line. Simple, classic designs with original accents and sophisticated prints. 
To keep party goers entertained, there was a manicurist, a bracelet making table and my favorite thing at a party because I’m a narcissistic beast, a photo booth! 
Oh and let’s please talk food. To keep on theme, mini lobster rolls were served from Son Of A Gun restaurant. They were so delicious, right now my mouth is watering just writing about them. Perfectly decorated, yummy cupcakes were also on hand. Needless to say, I had my fill of both. 
And because LA is so small, I was lucky enough to run into my girl Marissa A. Ross! (What, what?!) Sadly, I missed Mr. Kate, who arrived after I left. (There isn’t a sad face big enough). I was rolling deep with my cousin Jamie and together we got to meet aforementioned designer John Moore. He was a sweetie pie and a friend of Marissa’s! (The world gets smaller.)
I love it when events are awesome. The End. 
Photos via me and Danielle Klebanow

  • Wow, that’s such a cool event! I love the style of everything. Especially the illustrations on the wall. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh yeah and I’ve been meaning to ask you… what camera do you have? (I’m sure you’re asked this all the time. I apologize for being one more!)

    • Thank you! For this post the photos are either from my iPhone or photos I got from the event coordinator. However, for all outfit posts my girl Sylvia of Sylvia G Photography shoots me on a Nikon D700. Thx for asking!

      • cool, thanks for letting me know!

  • mrkate

    Ahhhh love the pics! you found the ones from the photographer! PROPS! We didn’t get to see each other but it looks like we did! awesome. xx

    • The PR lady Laura sent me link to photos. Let me know if you want it 🙂

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