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tonight live on ustream – marissa & grasie’s fantastic last week

My very own show with the lovely Marissa A Ross for Hello Giggles airs LIVE tonight at 6p PST/9p EST on Ustream. Please join us and ask me style questions LIVE and more! Show description and promo below…

Join Marissa A. Ross and Grasie Mercedes this Monday, February 27th for HG’s latest live UStream show, Marissa & Grasie’s Fantastic Last Week. Every other Monday, Marissa and Grasie will be discussing their favorite movies, TV shows, music, food, drinks and fun stuff over the last seven days. The girls will also be answering questions you’ve had about the latest styles, relationships, life and everything else. So come watch, hang out, chat with fellow Gigglers about the last week of our lives and have fun with us! See you tonight!

Update! Here’s episode 1