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girl, get the look right – “alex”


I got the sweetest email from a fan of Girl, Get Your Mind Right asking me to post links to the looks I created for the girls on the show. “What a great idea!’ I thought…thank you Sara for writing in! So, as each episode I was on becomes available on MTV, I’ll post it here with a “Shop This Look” section below it. I shot the show from February thru April, so many of the exact items won’t be available, but I’ll search high and low to find you comparable pieces. Let’s start with “Alex” the girl who wanted a “Lauren Conrad” look. Watch the full episode below or skip to the “makeover” portion, towards the end, to see Alex’s complete look.

Shop This Look…

  • Rebecca Raskind

    So good!!! Great job Grasie!

    • thank you love!!!!! xo