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no shopping necessary : karen’s closet (ep3)

Episode 3 of my new series No Shopping Necessary is here!  If you like it, please share it on Facebook or Twitter using buttons above. Want me to help you with your closet? Email me at [email protected]. Shot & Edited by Michael Garcia. Music by Kenli Mattus.


  • Amelia Alvarez

    She def looks more confident talking with you after. It’s amazing what a top knot and a necklace can do:)

    • right?! it’s amazing what most accessories can do! really change things up for people. xo

  • Juliepaige15

    Love the sweater/belt over the summer flowery dress!!  I never would have thought of that and it looks AMAZING!!  Great work Grasie!!  

    • thanks julie! yup, that’s a great way to transition summer dresses to fall! xo 

  • what a great idea! very proud seeing for the first time a dominican sister having such a huge sense of style! u need to keep styling people! send u muchos abrazos desde suiza xxx liza

    • aww thank you! that’s means a lot. xo