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As much as I love and adore fashion, my number one passion is acting. I’ve been a performer since birth and at the age of 25, finally decided to drop everything in my life and pursue my dream. With the explosion of social media and digital movie making, now more than ever, is the time to create your own sh*t! You can’t sit at home waiting for “that dream audition”, you have to create your dream role instead. So…with the help of my dear friend and producing partner Michael Garcia, we’re making a movie! Hopefully. I say hopefully, because we just launched our Kickstarter to raise funds for our film. If we meet our goal, we get the dough and make a film. If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing (sad face). Check out the video above to learn more and to see the trailer we created! It’s a taste of what’s to come and I’m so so excited! Thank you in advance for watching, sharing and/or supporting. YAY #stylemeacts!