just chatting

just chatting - STYLE ME GRASIE

I try to breathe through those moments and remember how fortunate I am. Then I take it all one step at a time.

my wish lyst

my wish lyst - STYLE ME GRASIE

I’m an avid chain store shopper but I love to splurge on great designer pieces from time to time.

summer in hand

summer in hand - STYLE ME GRASIE

I’m pairing this chic clutch from Brahmin with a more sophisticated look, that’s perfect for the holiday.

happy weekend

happy weekend - STYLE ME GRASIE

I’m all about the little dresses this season; definitely a summer go-to.

5 hair hacks for girls going natural

Pantene - Hair Hacks - STYLE ME GRASIE

I spent most of my life chemically relaxing (straightening) my hair because that’s what my mom did and what most Dominican women with super curly or kinky hair do.