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Hello. Thanks for caring enough to visit this page because let’s be honest, bio’s are boring. I’ll keep it concise. This is STYLE ME GRASIE. A blog that brings you mostly style posts with a little bit of beauty, home, travel and personal stuff thrown in. I keep it light and fun because that is what a LifeSTYLE blog should be, right?


A little about me: My name is Grasie Mercedes. (Yes, that’s my real name…well, almost) Like a true Latina, (I’m Dominican) I was born with 4 names: Grecia Maria Mercedes-Garcia. By the time I reached grade school, my family nickname, Grasie, was all I answered to. The Maria and Garcia were dropped (not sure how that happened) and I became simply Grasie Mercedes. I’m from NYC (Brooklyn & Manhattan to be exact) but currently reside in Los Angeles, which I love so much it hurts. I’m married (to a former MTV VJ – score!) and have 3 pets, who I want to eat because they are so cute, not because I’m a monster. I’m an actress (I live in LA, OF COURSE I’m an actress) and as you may have already guessed, a style blogger. YAY!

And that’s me and Style Me Grasie in a nutshell. You see, I kept it somewhat short right?